The Importance of Hormone Balance and Testosterone

Have you ever heard of andropause? If you have, you understand that it is a condition of low testosterone in men. It usually starts around the age of 30 but it may not be until later that the symptoms show up. Much as menopause happens to aging women, a similar process happens to men. For women, the issue is low estrogen and that is treated differently than low testosterone in men. Symptoms start out as low energy, reduced sex drive, loss of strength and stamina, depression, irritability, mood swings, slower exercise recovery, and more.

Just because you have these symptoms does not mean you are at a loss. Check with professionals about testosterone replacement therapy florida residents have come to trust. Low testosterone is best treated by replacing the depleted hormone. The process is fairly simple since there are just a few options to bring a man back to his natural vitality.

The only clear way to tell if you have low testosterone is to have your levels checked at a local clinic. Then the doctors there will be able to determine the method of testosterone replacement and the dosage needed to bring levels back to normal. Most men over the age of 35 have declining testosterone levels. If you fall into that category and some of the symptoms match up, it is time to go and get a hormone profile as a matter of routine.

Overall hormone balance is essential to good health. If you have low testosterone, other hormones are likely to be out of normal ranges. This is why you will want to get a full panel and then discuss real options with the physician who will be coordinating your hormone replacement therapy. One thing is for sure, when you begin to feel the return of strength and vitality, you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner.